“Cycling isn’t a game, it’s a sport. Tough, hard and unpitying, and it requires great sacrifices. One plays football, or tennis, or hockey. One doesn’t play at cycling.”
Jean de Gribaldy, cyclist. Sean Kelly’s directeur sportif.

When it comes to cycling, passion can be of two types. Harmonious passion and obsessive passion. Both passions come from love for cycling, for bikes, for the activity itself and the outcomes it has for us. We experience emotions, we feel drawn to the activity, we get knowledge about our bikes and we make the best out of them. And eventually, the bikes will shine a light on the things that are the best in us too.

We know that cycling isn’t a game. Cycling is a lifestyle that requires a lot from us. We know that for many of us who want to achieve goals with cycling, this is not an easy hobby or passion. There is a lot of pressure, hard work and training if we want to be able to compete in races, championships, learn BMX tricks. This is something that passionate people can achieve through high effort, sacrifice and devotion to this sport. There is no talent when it comes to this sport, there is only hard work, and this is familiar to us.

What we want to do through our bikebrothers blog, is that we want to give you the best information about bicycles through our posts. We want to inform you about the most exciting bike events in the UK. We want to give you interesting tips and tricks you can use to improve your performances and enrich your cycling experience.

Speaking of the two kinds of passion above, our blog is born out of a mix of both harmonious and obsessive passion for cycling. The result is this: a beautiful place where we share our experiences, ideas and knowledge about bikes and cycling. We want to be your bike brothers where you can come and seek support and information about this amazing field of activities and possibilities.

Whether you like to cycle to work, cycle for leisure and relaxation, perform tricks with your BMX in the park, or you are a professional bicycle rider, we’re here for you. We hope that you can find here anything you need and hope that you can rely on us whenever times are not so bright in your daily cycling. And even share your bike and cycling experiences with us. We’d love to hear them all.

As Jean de Gribaldy said, we don’t play at cycling, we cycle. And we write about it.
Sincerely, your bikebrothers.