Cycling Virtual Reality Trends You Will Love

raluca 2019-10-17
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In recent years we have witnessed an incredible growth of virtual reality technologies. What used to be so far away and almost impossible is nowadays available to wide masses. VR technology has even had some impact on sports like cycling. Even if we are merely at the beginning of the development and implementation of VR in real life, we can list at least a few new VR cycling trends. 

VR Sports Events Watching

The whole point of VR sets is to have different visual experiences. With so many different options available you are able to go almost anywhere nowadays, whether we are speaking or a parallel universe, an actual place on Earth or even to space. However, some great minds though of a very logical thing: VR is perfect for sports events watching. 

As a matter of fact, some sportsbook operators offer VR services as a part of their sportsbook. Almost all the sports are available and all the major sports events could be followed via a VR set. 

We could possibly expect the same to happen to al the major cycling races such as Tour De France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España. When combined with cycling, VR could possibly step up the game. Maybe in the near future, we will have a chance to watch the race via an operator such as bet365 from the perspective of our favorites and experience it in a whole different way. 

VR Exercising 

It all started with simple VR games simulating different sports including cycling. However, nowadays there are VR devices that can make actually cycle amusing and different. If you are often bored in a gym, this trend will blow your mind. You could go VR cycling in some gyms and choose your own preferred terrain, location and adjust some other features to your liking.

It is as simple as any RV system. You will wear a VR headset on your head while you are cycling on a stationary bicycle. This kind of technology is changing fast and it is becoming more popular than ever. So, if you want to go cycling in a slightly different setup you might consider VR exercising. 

VR Travelling

Did you know that you could go traveling with a simple VR set? Whenever you are busy working and you think you might use some time off, but you cannot afford it- you can try VR traveling. As a matter of fact, combined with cycling, this could be a one truly pleasant and fun form of exercising. 

VR developers wanted to give this opportunity to almost anyone who loves cycling and traveling. Be a tourist every time you go to the gym and choose your favorite destination and go on a tour. Explore different roads and go on a journey around the world on a bicycle with a VR headset on. 

With VR technology developing fast we could expect tons of great VR trends, even those related to cycling. 

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