Best Biking Gear – The Best Things you can Purchase for Your Bike

raluca 2018-05-10
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Bicycle gear comes in all shapes and sizes and you should know that not all brands are equal. Some of them create better equipment than the others. There are things that are almost always good, from certain brands, yet you should always read reviews to check whether certain components are good or deserve the reputation they have.

Here is a list of the best gear you can purchase, sorted by gear type.

Derailleurs – Front and Back

Whether they’re front or back derailleurs, they perform the same thing, moving the bike’s chain from one gear to another. How they perform depends on the price and there are really two brands you should be looking towards, Shimano and SRAM. Both of these companies have their products segmented due to necessity. An amateur does not need a derailleur which costs as much as their bicycle and likewise, a professional cannot put an entry-level derailleur if they want to finish a race on their bicycle.


Saddles are really important as they are what you sit on while cycling. They can be the thing that injures you as well as the thing that prevents injury. Buying a good saddle is incremental so look towards companies such as Selle Italia, Bontrager, Specialized, Fabric, Fizik and the like. Without a good saddle, you might not last long on your bicycle.


There certainly are many tyre manufacturers yet if you really want the best, you should be looking at Pirelli, Schwalbe, Michelin, Vittoria, Bontrager, Specialized and Continental. Tyres, like in motor vehicles, are the only thing making contact between your vehicle and the ground. Their importance cannot be overemphasized, but you should also buy accordingly. A high-quality tyre will be wasted on amateurs who do not even use them in the appropriate situations.


Without frames, you would have no bicycle. Having a good frame and the right kind is essential for your bicycle. Some of the best frames come from Trek, Giant, Specialized, Cannondale, Scott and Cube. There are many more companies which make frames and essentially, their own bicycles, yet these ones are definitely reliable.

If you want the best of the best regarding your bike’s components, take a look at some of these brands and you will be good to go. If you do happen to need more information, then specialized guides are the solution.

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