Top 3 Free Cycling Apps to Download

raluca 2021-03-26
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Some people like to go jogging, others like long relaxing walks, and there are those who like to spend their free time cycling. Cycling is a great exercise and a way to clear your mind after a hard day at work. Nowadays, there are mobile apps for pretty much anything you can think of, including apps for cycling. 

In the past few years, the number of apps has been growing exponentially, and the app stores now offer a range of apps with a variety of features. Some apps can even be paired up with gadgets like heart rate monitors that will show you the readings in BPM. In addition, there are apps that have to be purchased, those that offer bonus code similar to sportsbook codes you can find here. Others require a monthly fee, while some are completely free. 

We decided to list some of our top picks when free cycling apps are concerned.


You can use Strava to keep track of all your rides on your phone, and you can also use it to see what other cyclists are doing. And if you want to record and upload other people’s rides, customization uses a separate dedicated GPS computer. Every upload to the app is ranked automatically according to the time it took you to finish a certain route. Strava also shows a map overview of the distance you selected.

The app allows you to track your speed or speed on a selected distance in real-time. This feature is compatible not only with your smartphone but also with some newer GPS computers.

The thing that makes Strava unique and stands out from the sea of competition is the social part of the app. It allows you to follow other people just like some social media apps do, and you can see other riders’ results and the pictures they post as well.


This handy little app has the power to transform your smartphone into a cycling computer. It’s necessary to mount your phone on your bike to get the best out of this app. You have the chance to choose from a wide variety of customization options in the app. Moreover, the app also has a bunch of post-ride analysis that you can go through when you finish cycling.

Besides, it has some gesture controls that are compatible with the iPhone’s earbuds- if riding with earbuds is your thing. Not only that, but the app also has Google Maps integrated into it, so if you selected an unfamiliar route, no worries, Cyclemeter has you covered.


This app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Bikemap provides different routes across 100 countries, and its big database allows you to browse trending routes near you depending on what kind of route you want to take. Bikemap has over 5 million registered routes for different types of riders – no matter if you are more of a road rider, ‘cross rider or a mountain biker, you will probably find a perfect route for you.

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