Cryptocurrency E-Bike – Earn Money While Cycling

raluca 2018-09-03
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Cryptocurrencies have brought many great innovations to the world. The blockchain technology is one of those. A decentralized network where data is stored in packets eliminates the need for centralized mediators like banks. Being decentralized means that it is technically unlikely to be hacked and that any information added to the ledger cannot be changed without the necessary permissions. Outside, unwanted influence is next to impossible.

This type of technology benefits bookmakers, for example. The FansUnite Social Sportsbook is one of those that decided to rely on Ethereum blockchain and a decentralized system of sports betting applications.

Everyone is looking for ways to make use of cryptocurrencies and a company named 50Cycles, based in London, will offer cryptocurrency bikes which can earn you tokens.

Cryptocurrency E-Bike – Earn while Exercising

Many have heard or used applications which give you tokens after hours and hours of gameplay. Some of them were fun, some of them a pure grind. Some would say that earning around 30 dollars for 1600 kilometers is not fun, yet if you travel by bicycle regularly, this could be a good way to earn money for an activity which you do, regardless.

If, however, you are not a cyclist, this is a good reason to get the exercise you might have been lacking. Even those who cycle regularly could benefit from the extra mile, literally.

These bicycles, called TOBA bicycles, will earn you money for every kilometer you cycle. Each bicycle will have its own private key and users will be able to check on their coins using a designated mobile app.



The currency to be used is LoyalCoin. It can be traded on the market, as any other cryptocurrency. If you decide to spend it in 50Cycles stores, you could get an exclusive discount on products of all kinds. Surely enough, store partners will accept the cryptocurrency and so will many other stores which accept cryptocurrencies. Yet, those discounts might tempt you if you’re a cyclist or in need of some gear.

Digital currency mining is usually a power hungry process as all the computing power necessary requires a lot of juice. This is an elegant and green way of earning tokens while at the same time, one that promotes health and exercise.

Promoting digital currencies and their further integration into the world is one of 50Cycles’ goals.

These bikes are said to be available in September of 2018. Being an E bike, it allows you to climb hills and commute with ease. This is a perfect bicycle for those who want to mine and be green, while traveling at the same time. So much in one package.

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