5 Best Online Games That Feature Cycling

raluca 2019-01-24
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Staying in touch with your love of cycling during winter does not have to be difficult. Riding in winter when it is snowing or raining outside and the temperatures are near or below zero is just too uncomfortable. Instead, you can save your energy levels for the next cycling season and play some cycling-inspired games online. If you do not know where to start, check out the list below for some gaming inspiration.

Cycling-related Casino Games

As cycling is one of the most popular sports and hobbies nowadays, many casino games offer this topic. If you try to find some of these games, you should look at slot games which usually feature various popular and less popular topics.

If you are completely new to casino gaming, you can benefit from a casino sign up bonus which most websites offer to newly registered players. Therefore, it’s a good opportunity to try something new and also have some fun.

Mountain Bike

The name of this game cannot be simpler, which goes for the gameplay as well. However, the Mountain Bike game is incredibly fun and addictive. The graphics are not bad at all, and the controls work fine as well.

The goal of the game is to make it across the demanding course and collect as many points as possible by doing tricks on your mountain bike. Use the four arrow keys and the space bar to control your character.

Ben 10 BMX

Ben 10 BMX is another interesting cycling-related game, but the goal is different compared to Mountain Bike. In this game, you will be racing against another rider and trying to finish the tricky course before them.

However, the name of the game is not 100% accurate, as there aren’t many BMXs you can ride. Instead, the game should have been named ‘Ben 10 MTB’. Nonetheless, it’s fun and simple to play, guaranteeing many hours of entertainment.

Bicycle Drag

Being a pretty unique, Bicycle Drag is one of our favourites on this list. It is a racing game, but instead of taking part in a regular bike race, you will be competing in a drag one. Your bike is equipped with turbo boost and all the other additions necessary to make it incredibly fast.

Moreover, the design of the game is a highlight as well. It looks more like a well-made cartoon than an averagely-made online game that you would expect to see. Therefore, if you like unique games that are also a treat for your eyes, check this one out.

Stickman Stunts

As the name suggests, your task in Stickman Stunts is to collect as many points as possible by doing stunts on a bike ridden by a Stickman figure. You need to ride across the course and collect as many stars as possible in order to place well on the rank board. To control the Stickman, all you need to use is the spacebar and the ‘Up’ arrow on your keyboard.


As we have promised at the beginning of this article, there is no need to completely stop cycling in winter. Check out these simple online cycling games and have plenty of fun from the comfort of your chair. However, note that playing these cycling games does not justify eating an extra slice of pizza, as is the case with real cycling.

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