Different Types of Cycling Disciplines at the Olympics Games

raluca 2020-03-25
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Ever since 1896, cycling was one of the most thrilling parts of the Summer Olympics. Cycling enthusiasts, athletes and even bettors waiting for the perfect cycling sports betting bonus know the thrill behind this sport. As a matter of fact, if you are one of them, you probably have your preferred type of Olympics cycling competition.

Even if all the events used to be speed races, the next Summer Olympics will also include BMX freestyle. Apart from this, it is widely known that Olympic sports competitions have both women and men’s categories. Moreover, the number of sports racing events can vary, just like the recent introduction of freestyle in the BMX cycling discipline. 

Tack Cycling 

This cycling discipline includes cycling races at tracks that are usually banked, and each of the subdisciplines has its own characteristics. For example, you will likely find Madison, Keirin, and Omnium as a part of this type of cycling event. Some additional events typical to track cycling are also team pursuit, match sprint, and team sprint.

As far as the past program events are concerned, there are at least 15 distance-specific track cycling events, as well as points race, individual pursuit, and also tandem in men category. In addition, individual pursuit, point race, 500 m time trial are some of the past program events typical to women’s category in this discipline. 

Road Cycling

This cycling discipline invented in Germany is one of the most popular forms of cycling around the world. Some of the bike types usually used for this kind of sports competition are racing bikes, BMX, touring bikes, recumbents, and utility bikes. Road cycling has two major events in both women and men categories – individual road race and individual time trial. 

Team events in road cycling are not as popular as the individual ones. This is precisely why team road races and team time trials are not on the current program list at the Olympics. 

Mountain Bike Racing

This is an off-road type of cycling discipline and it includes racing on the mountain bikes along really rough terrain. Additionally, the bikes used for this Olympic cycling discipline are a bit different from other cycling bikes. Due to the fact that mountain bike races happen at mountain trails, dirt trails, and overall bumpy terrain, these bikes are made to endure such rides. 

The most popular and the only mountain bike sports events at the Summer Olympics is the cross country racing, in both women and men categories.

BMX Racing

Another popular off-road cycling discipline at the Olympic Games is the BMX racing. What is typical to these sprint races built one-lap tracks with rough terrain. BMX racing was introduced to the Olympics in 2008, and ever since that year individual BMX sports competitions in both women and men categories have been held. However, starting from the next Olimpic Games, this international sports event will also include BMX freestyle as one of the disciplines. 

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